Soho Square

SHOOT : Cocktail Bar & Restaurant in a Unique Art Deco Building. Standing proudly on the corner of the historic Soho Square, at the Gateway to Soho, lies Soho Square, a beautiful Art Deco building that has witnessed many things in its time. Nestled snugly between Soho’s creative heart and the bustle of Oxford Street […]

TV medic Dr Christian Jessen poses in a Stonewall ‘Some Guys Marry Guys. Get Over It!’ t-shirt. Dr Christian is one of a group of celebrities supporting a Stonewall and Square Peg Media campaign to celebrate Parliament’s historic decision to introduce equal marriage. The ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ presenter said: ‘Equal marriage means that I can get married, and that gay people are now nearly the same as everyone else – and it will make my Mum happy because she looks great in hats!’

Equal Marriage Campaign

CLIENT : Stonewall Stonewall is a lesbian, gay and bisexual rights charity in the United Kingdom named after the Stonewall Inn of Stonewall riots fame in New York City’s Greenwich Village. Now the largest gay equality organisation not only in the UK but in Europe, it was formed in 1989 by political activists and others […]