Equal Marriage Campaign

CLIENT : Stonewall

Stonewall is a lesbian, gay and bisexual rights charity in the United Kingdom named after the Stonewall Inn of Stonewall riots fame in New York City’s Greenwich Village. Now the largest gay equality organisation not only in the UK but in Europe, it was formed in 1989 by political activists and others lobbying against section 28 of the Local Government Act.

Stonewall has diversified into policy development for the rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual people after Labour came to power in 1997. It remains a lobbying organisation rather than a membership organisation. Chief Executive Ben Summerskill has commented: “We are not a ‘democratic’ organisation, in that we would never be satisfied to think that a position we took was based on the views of 51% of gay people, while 49% did not agree. We seek to develop all our work, and policy positions where appropriate, by building as wide a consensus as possible among lesbian, gay and bisexual people.”

SHOOT : I have photographed several events for Stonewall including political hustings and comedy fundraisers. This commission entailed travelling around London to the homes and work places of celebrities to photograph them in Stonewall’s new tshirts in support of the Equal Marriage campaign.

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