Live: How not to Get F*@ked Over

How to make money, protect your work and hold your own in photography.

Whether you’re a freelancer or professionally employed it’s not uncommon to experience difficulties around negotiating rights to your work especially in this constantly changing digital landscape. Getting messed around feels like a daily rite of passage but it shouldn’t be. Many creatives are frequently signing things away for less than they should, or lacking the courage to chase down unfair use of their work.

Nation of Billions and Photofusion have been talking about these issues for some time now and have collaborated together for our first joint event to host a Q&A for young creatives. The talk will take place at the newly launched event space Downstairs, at The Department Store in Brixton and will cover the key issues related to rights, accreditation and plagiarisation of creative work. Young creatives will have a rare opportunity to familiarise themselves with basic copyright law and intellectual property rights.

The Q&A talk will take place on the 3rd of October between 6.30-9pm with; Charles Swan, an experienced IP lawyer specialising in Advertising & Marketing, Photography & Visual Arts and; Eddie Otchere, a life-long Photofusion member and legendary music photographer. Both will share an open platform to discuss various issues based on their respective professions.

This Q&A will explore how emerging photographers can protect themselves in the new digital landscape. Eddie an analogue photographer will talk from bitter experience relating personal cases and some of the landmark cases related to ownership of copyright. Charles will shed some light on how future photographers can better protect themselves in today’s often-brutal creative world and discuss various legal benchmarks and precedents.

General tickets are available from Eventbrite here.

There will be a limited allocation of free tickets available to both Photofusion members, including members of the ERDF professional development-training programme and Nation of Billions contributing young photographers.

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