Mason Noise & Anton Stephans

SHOOT : X Factor evictees Mason Noise and Anton Stephans’ first live performance since leaving the show.

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Mason Dominic Binnell (born 1993) known by his stage name Mason Noise, is a part time waiter from Birmingham.

Noise was a controversial act because during the six-seat challenge, after performing for his mentor Grimshaw, Noise complained that his audition was only broadcast for 47 seconds while other contestants were featured for up to 10 minutes. Simon Cowell responded by saying “You should feel lucky to be on this show. Why don’t you shut up?” and called Noise an “arsehole”. Noise was booed by the crowd before dropping the microphone and walking off the stage. Noise later told the Daily Mirror: “[Simon] lost control and it was uncalled for. Especially as all I was doing was saying an opinion. I think that no one has ever questioned him before and no one has questioned the format of the show. Something needs to change on that show. Listen to the kids, at the end of the day I have a lot of support on Twitter.” When contestant Tom Bleasby had withdrawn from the show for personal reasons, there was a spare place at judges’ houses and on 15 October, Grimshaw announced that Noise would replace Bleasby. There was a negative response about this decision from the media due to Noise’s behaviour at the six-chair challenge, although the remaining five candidates defended Noise, stating that his attitude had significantly improved since the six-chair challenge.

Noise was in the bottom three on week 2, having to perform on the sing-off against fellow boy Seann Miley Moore. Initially, Cowell and Fernandez-Versini voted to send him home because of his sing-off performance. However, Ora claimed that she saw something in him and voted against Moore. Their mentor, Grimshaw, didn’t want to decide between the two and deadlocked the vote, which guaranteed Noise another week. Noise was eliminated in week 4 after receiving the fewest votes on Saturday. He finished in 7th place. Noise will take part in the 2016 X Factor Live Tour.

Anton Stephans is a former backing vocalist from Suffolk and has worked with Tina Turner, Elton John and Sting. He also once performed with Sinitta in a West End musical.

With the eliminations of Bupsi on week 1 and Max Stone on week 3, Stephans became Cowell’s last remaining act in the competition. He was in the bottom three on week 3 and had to perform in the sing-off against Monica Michael, receiving Ora’s and Fernandez-Versini’s votes to be eliminated. The result was deadlocked and he was spared since he had the most number of votes. The following week, he was in the bottom two alongside Ché Chesterman and was eliminated by the judges, receiving only Cowell’s vote to save him and becoming the last of his acts to leave the competition. He finished in 6th place. He will take part in The X Factor Live Tour 2016.

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