Odd couples: Dalí / Duchamp

In autumn 2017, the RA explore the little-known relationship between two of modern art’s greatest masters – Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp. They take a look at their peculiar friendship, and five other artist pairs you would never have guessed.

At first glance, this pair have about as much in common as a lobster does with a urinal. There is Dalí, Surrealist showman and reactionary painter, and then Duchamp, 17 years his senior, known to us today as the father of conceptual art.

They met in the 1930s through the Surrealists; Dalí then an enthusiastic member and Duchamp a more sporadic presence. Photos of them larking on the beach and playing chess show the personal bond they developed and kept for over 30 years. Regularly crossing paths in the art-worlds of Paris and New York, when apart they exchanged warm letters. From the mid-1950s Duchamp rented a house near Dalí’s home in south-eastern Spain each summer until his death in 1968.

Royal Academy : Dalí / Duchamp Exhibition
Take another look at two artistic giants: father of conceptual art Marcel Duchamp, and larger-than-life Surrealist Salvador Dalí. This is the first exhibition to throw light on their surprising relationship and its influence on the work of both artists.
7 October 2017 — 3 January 2018
Details Here.

Royal Academy : ‘Dalí / Duchamp’: relationships – A two-day symposium
The symposium aims to further explore and debate the key themes of the Dalí / Duchamp exhibition, including the relationship and shared interests of Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp, two of the 20th century’s greatest artists.
3 November 2017, 1 — 5pm / 4 November 2017, 10am — 5pm
Details Here.

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