SHOOT :PERICLES by William Shakespeare 2nd – 28th October 2012
VENUE : The Rose Theatre, London.

The Rose is London’s most historic theatre, the first Elizabethan Theatre on Bankside and home to many of Shakespeare’s and Marlowe’s first productions. Plans are in place to complete the excavation and open it to the public permanently. website

After fleeing the tyranny of the King of Antioch (Syria) Pericles is shipwrecked and washes up on the shores of Pentapolis (Libya). He is greeted by fishermen who salvage his armour and tell him of a tournament for the hand of the goodly King Simonides’ daughter Thaisa. Pericles wins the tournament and endeavours to return to his homeland of Tyre (Lebanon) with his pregnant bride when tragedy strikes. Pericles resonates with contemporary relevance and revolves around the Middle East and Mediterranean region during a time of radical political change and upheaval and the very origins of democracy. There are pirates, sailors, fisherman, sea battles and shipwrecks. Pericles is a hero in the classical sense in conflict with the tyranny of man and the gods. Epic in scale the play is a Homeric Odyssey and a story of loss and redemption and the filial bond between father and daughter.
Directed by David Weinberg; Presented by Vox Humana Theatre Company

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