SCIence Garden

(above) Eryngium ‘Indigo Star’. Indigo is a natural dye, now superseded mainly by synthetic dyes which can have a negative environmental impact.

The natural world is the source of inspiration for and elements of many inventions and developments in life sciences, from medicines to materials, dyes to insecticides. The SCIence Garden brings together SCI’s technical and regional interest groups to showcase the connections between all areas of chemistry related science, as well as highlighting the intrinsic role played by natural resources and the environment in industry.

Dahlia ‘David Howard’. David Howard was SCI President 1886-7.

As a charity, SCI has a core objective to promote links between science and industry for the benefit of the society and the SCIence Garden provides a perfect opportunity to demonstrate these links through the regeneration of an area that can now be enjoyed by members and guests.

Artemisia annua.
Front-line treatments for malaria contain derivatives of artemisinin, which is obtained from this plant.

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